Thanks to its 40 years of experience, ADIV is now the French leader in the field of Research and Development, Audit, Consulting, Expertise and Training services for meat industries. Its teams devote their technical multi-species expertise to slaughterhouses, cutting plants and meat processing on the whole French territory and worldwide as well.


Improving the performances of meat industries

Product range extension, better exploitation of raw materials, creation of products based on new methods or breakthrough technological innovations, settlement of manufacturing accident, building or rehabilitation of slaughterhouses, cutting meat processing tools…

ADIV offers to support, structure and join the companies’ projects according to their needs with personalized and flexible services.

  • Market Positioning
  • Business Strategy
  • Innovating Research and Development
  • Technological Consulting
  • Technical, sanitary and economic audit
  • Improvement of industrial performances
  • Help for the building or rehabilitation of industrial lines or production tools
  • Professional Trainings

Its teams are experts in meat products, and they take account of the realities and the inherent restrictions of your businesses, which is a guarantee of efficiency, and an assurance of a technically, economically, strategically and humanely well-managed project.

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Know how to invest in Research and Development…

3 essential missions for the development and the innovation of meat industry


programs of partnered, collaborative and collective Research and Development, led for the past 3 years


The skills of ADIV’s experts are constantly refreshed thanks to a strong scientific partnership, particularly maintained by collective and partnered research projects.Those programs are destined to create methods, skills and innovating tools to help companies in their research of performances and support their development and innovations.

A technological roadmap provides guidance for the investment choices in these projects.

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Satisfied customers…

All across the country,
from the different businesses of the industry

ADIV provides support to slaughterhouses, cutting and meat processing plants (sliced products, pre-packaged beef products, cured meat, ready-to-cook meals…) of every size and on the whole French territory.

The satisfaction of its customers is a constant preoccupation for the ADIV team.The past five years, the average of obtained grades were 17.17 on 20. During this period and based on our clients’ judgment, the most important evaluation criteria were:
1. « The level of expertise of the ADIV intervener »
2. « To take account of the client needs »
3. « The follow up of the project by ADIV interlocutor »
4. « The quality of provided services »


The past 3 years…



500 tailor-made services led for companies


new products developed for the industry


projects of R&D to create process or innovating equipment


35 000

hours of provided training for 2900 trained employees



"A precious help to create new products."

Nicolas TOURNOIS, DG de la Sacor

Salaison de Villefranche de Rouergue

An assurance of quality & professionalism in services delivery


ADIV benefits from ITAI Accreditation (Food technological institutes) and SRC Label (Private Research and Technology Organizations) granted by the French Agriculture Ministry and Bpifrance. They guarantee quality and professionalism in the execution of the missions entrusted to it.